Break Da Silence

#Stand Up  #Speak up  4 Mental Health

My husband is a music producer and has worked with many people from all over the world. One of the people he worked with was a Zimbabwean artist who was living in Australia, a guy he knew from a young age when he used to live in Zimbabwe.

This young artist was living in Australia with his wife and son, where he had built up quite a reputation for his music. He was a popular radio host with his own show in which he created a platform for reggae music as well as promoting local artists and up and coming talent.

My husband spoke with this young artist regularly, they created a lot of music together and spent a lot of time working together to promote his music. I spoke to this guy myself on several occasions and he was always so excited about his music and life. However, late 2015 we came to learn that he had committed suicide in his studio. It was such a difficult time for his wife, child, twin sister, family, friends and my husband and it was at this time that we came to learn that he had mental health concerns. His wife informed my husband that he suffered from severe depression and this affected him more recently and the only time he appeared happy was when he was submerged in his music. At no point when speaking to him or working with him, were we aware of this and at no point did this young man seek help.

Since this time my husband and the young artists wife have decided to try and raise awareness about Mental Health and the impacts that this may have on individuals and their families. To that end, they have commenced the break the silence campaign, whereby we encourage people to speak up about their mental health and to also stand up for those who may have mental health concerns.

This project is in its early days and we hope to work closely with various mental health charities in order to raise awareness and raise funds for such an important cause.

Keep an eye on my blog for further updates and hopefully events in this matter.

Remember someone you know my have Mental Health concerns, it can affect anyone.

Rest In Peace Apprentice x


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