About SB!!!!

Allow me to formally introduce myself… My name is Soulfully Black, but you can call me Soul or SB.

I qualified as a lawyer in December 2012, however the firm decided they would not wish for me to continue my legal career with them. So there I was, a Newly Qualified Solicitor with not as much experience as I thought I had and facing the difficult task of finding a firm willing to take on a Newly Qualified Family Law Solicitor.

After many an application, it became apparent that as  Newly Qualified Family Solicitor, I was somewhat limited and I slowly started to lose hope, self-esteem and felt myself falling into a deep hole. I felt completely disheartened and I cried often. If it hadn’t been for the support of my now husband and few close family members and friends, I have no idea where I would be.

I decided to attempt something different, as my fiance had proposed and we had a wedding to pay for. So I went into live-in care work, I initially did this as a way of making some quick money, and just until I was able to secure a legal job… However, I found this to be one of my most enjoyable and rewarding jobs to date, and I did this for over 2 years. Due to back and spinal issues, it has been necessary for me to cease care work and a result I have started seeking legal work again. If you think finding a job as a Newly qualified solicitor is difficult try being Newly Qualified and having a 2 year gap. My search goes on and in the meantime, I do some voluntary work.

I have been unemployed now for a little while and figured why not use this time to do something exciting. What does one do when they are job-less and actively searching with no luck… They become more available and start talking to people, taking up photography, learn languages, bake cakes and writing blogs. So here we are and this is me.

I’m here to discuss, well whatever I feel like discussing. This is in effect my online diary.. i will seek to share my opinion on my daily encounters, introduce you to some of the activities i’m involved in, reviews, relationships, food (my favorite subject), clothes, health, in a nutshell my this will be my blog of blah. Lets see how far we go with this, bare with me whilst I work out all the technology.

I wont to reach out to everyone, so if you wish to speak with me directly feel free to reach me via my Ask Soul page.