Do You Drive?


A….. B….. C…. D

Accelerate, Brake, Clutch, Drive….

They say driving is simple, yes I could agree… However, whilst I drive, I cannot pass my test. I have failed I think 6 times now, who know’s I’ve lost count (OK, its possibly 8). Nerves get the best of me in a test situation.

I don’t know if I have the drive to drive anymore? Lets work it out together?

Switch ON engine

Press the Clutch

Select Gear

Grab the biting point

Light pressure on the Acceleration

6 point check

Release hand brake

Last check

More Gas

And Off you GO!!

Seems right to  me, so whats the issue? Driving is as complicated as life!!!

As I slowly master life, I am determined to get the drive to drive and finally pass my test.

Was this meant to be an encouraging post… MY BAD!!

#Daily Post #Drive



Author: soulfullyblack


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