Soul I choose You!!

This is just a quick one. 
Pokemon go has just reached the UK and I must say this is a new age for gaming. 

Yes, I am a grown ass woman and I am playing what some may say is a child’s game. However, Pokemon was part of my childhood, I played then, I will play now. 

The game has got me out the house.. I will take a longer route just to catch those few extra pokemon. Iv already lost half a stone. Woohoo.. 

So maybe this will get the kids out there.. I’m not saying it’s the cure for obesity but what’s the harm in going out there walking or even running about catching Pokemon. As long as u don’t run into the road or train track.

You either like it or you don’t, but if your not feeling it, must you mock those that do. 

And one more thing, just because we’re playing Pokemon does not mean the fight does not continue. The struggle remains. Black Lives still matter. 

#pokemon #weightloss #BLM


Author: soulfullyblack


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