The Big ‘Ol (little) City

96540201_city_273251cToday I attended an interview for a family solicitor position. I initially decided to apply because it was obviously my practice area and also because the position specifically requested a NQ or Junior solicitor which is where I feel I am best placed.

I was up early, my outfit had been prepared from the night before. I showered, dressed and managed to scrape my messy locs into a neat bun. I left with sufficient time to spare, re-capped on the firms bio and made my way into the big old city. Technically it’s not that big it’s only a square mile if I remember correctly.

The firm was ideally located, bright and airy. I felt confident and ready to tackle the legal questions and general tough interview questions.

I arrived about 15 minutes early, a bit too early for my preference, I prefer a 7-10 minute Grace period. However, as the firm was on the 5th floor I decided I’d go in and attempt the stairs. That was stupid, I can barely walk up the 14 stairs in my house let alone 5 floors which was in fact 6 floors, so I made it to floor 2 and caught the lift arriving in good time.

I was then invited to the conference room and offered Water, I gasped desperately stating oh yes please, I just attempted to walk up your 5 flights of stairs, didn’t get far.Why do I do these things, why am I always trying to crack jokes. Well she laughed anyway and said I never take the stairs. Good idea I’d say.

Any who’s, it turned out to be a panel interview with the partner and senior partner. This is where the nerves kick in, I hate panel interviews I never know where to focus my attention.

Anyway they fired off with some details about the firm and I found them both very refreshing and welcoming. I started to feel at ease and even though I was fully prepared to answer that age old question, So what do you know about us? I just didn’t have to. I informed them about my experience, being open and honest. People often talk about embellishing in interviews, however I take the more honest approach as I don’t won’t to be dropped into a situation that I can’t handle (this may be the reason I am yet to find a job). Is honesty really the best policy..

Yes of course it is..

I would rather be put in a situation whereby they know that whilst this may be new for me, I will do my utmost beat to handle the situation effectively. I don’t want to over exaggerate my experience to the point that they expect something they may just not receive.

So we enjoyed a light hearted discussion about them and me and the dynamics of the firm. I asked a few questions as one should and sparked of further conversation which is always good and that was that. They gave me a tour and I left informing them I would take the stairs down as that was the easy part.  Again, why do I feel the need to say these things.

Well it’s too late now it’s all been said, but I feel that it may have gone well and can only hope that something positive comes out of this.

I am actually tired of being unemployed now.


Author: soulfullyblack


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